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Soal Jawab Inggris Maritim

   I.      Change these sentences in to passive voices

1.     Naval architects design ships
2.     the royal navy has ordered two new war ships
3.     people must prepare the plate properly
4.     the queen will loach the tanker tomorrow
5.     next we weighed the piece of metal
1.         Ship are designed by naval architects (it)
2.         Two new ships has been ordered by it.
3.         The plate must be prepared properly by them
4.         The tanker will be loach tomorrow by her
5.         The piece of metal was weighed next by us.

             II.      Arrange these words become completed sentences ;
1.     Economical – a diesel engine – than – is – a petrol engine – more.
Ø  A diesel engine s more economical than a patrol engine.
2.     Internal combustion engine – similar –the diesel engine – a form of – is – to that used – in bus.
Ø  The diesel engine is a form of internal combustion engine similar to that use in a bus.
3.     Is – developed – the power – effective horse power – in the cylinder – the piston – by.
Ø  Effective horse power is the power developed by the piston in the cylinder.
4.     Transferred – the propeller shaft – this rotary motion – is – to – by gears.
Ø  The rotary motion is transferred to the propeller shaft by gears
5.     A modern marine diesel engine – the power – of about 40.000 brake horse power – is – out put.
Ø  A modern marine diesel engine is the power out put of about 40.000 bhp.

           III.      Find the corresponding pairs on the right side
             1.  The engine reduced speed       
                    *       slowing the ship down.
             2.   Friction is increased by                                                                                                        
                    *       making a surface roughter
             3.   Reducing the carbon content                                                      
                    *       make it softer.
             4.   The hole had to be mode large                                                   
                    *       Before the golf would fit.
             5.   The gap between the two vessels                                                 
                    *       become wider.
             6.   Careful navigation is                                                                  
                    *       caused by good management.
             7.   Lock of maintenance causes                                                     
                    *       Structural strain.
             8.   A gas turbine engine is more                                                    
                    *       Very light and easily removed.
             9.   A diesel engine is more                                                            
                    *       Economical then a patrol engine
            10.  Light travels more                                                                     
                    *       Quickly than sound.


    In steam turbines high pressure steam is directed into a series of blades or vanes attached to a shaft, causing it
    To rotate .This rotary motion is transferred to the propeller shaft by gear .Steam is produced by boiling water in a boiler,   
    Which is fired by oil .Recent developments in steam turbines which have reduce fuel consumption and raised power out put have made then more attractive as an alternative to diesel power in ship. They are 50% lighter and on very large tankers some of the steam can be used to drive the large cargo oil pumps. Turbines are often used in container ship, which travel at high speed.
v  Turbin uap,uap bertekanan tinggi pd torbin uap diarahkan keserangkaian sudu2 yg terpasang pd sebuah poros menyebabkan rangkaian itu brputar.Uap dihasilkan oleh air panas dlm sebuah ketel yg dinyalakan oleh b.bakar .Perkembangan2 terakhir terhadap turbin uap yg mana mengurangi konsumsi b.bakar dan meningkatkan tenaga keluar sbagai sebuah pilihan terhadap tenaga diesel di kpl.
Turbin2 uap 50% lebih ringan , dan pd bebrapa kpl tanker besar uap itu dpt digunakan utk menjalankan pompa2 kargo diatas kpl.
Turbin2 ini juga digunakan kpl2 pti kemas yg maana bergerak dgn kecepatan tinggi .

1.          Are types, engine,of,main,marine,four,there.
2.          Supply,for,starting,are,used to, compressore,Air, air,compressed,engines.
3.          Either,or,oil, water,used,are,coolers,for,cooling.
4.          Power,as,expressed,The , of,engine, diesel,is,brake, horse power.
5.          White, place, the rise, pressure,in, take, combustion.
1.     There are four types of marine main engine.
2.     Air compressors used supply compressed air for starting engine.
3.     Cooler are used for cooling either oil or water.
4.     The power of diesel engine is expressed as BHP.
5.     Take places with in the rise pressure combustion.
Naskah III
I.                     Close procedure ;

1.        Auxiliary machinery covers everything
Mechanical on board except the main engine ,boilers and  pipes.
2.        Stand Ultra large Crude carrier which is a type   
      of tankers having over 500000 dead weight   
     Tonnage .
3.        The chief Engineer is responsible to the master for the engine department  and looks after the engine running of the department.

II.                   Translation
1. Chief Engineer is observing the propulsion of the new engine number two in the engine room right now.
KKM sedang memantau mesin pennggerak no   
     2 skr ini di kmr mesin.
2. Fruit, meats,and dairy produce which need cold temperature are generally  carried in refrigerated ship.
→ Buah daging danm susu biasanya dimuat dgn   
      kpl yg memiliki mesin pendingin krn   
      membutuhkan suhu yg dingin.
3. Chemically there is no differences between the gas ,the liquid and solid,all of which are made up of molecules with the formula
→ Bahan kimia tdk terdapat perbedaan antara gas   
  ,  cair dan padat semuanya dibuat berdasarkan  
     susunan rumusnya
4. The successful operation of the vessel also depends upon the smoothness of the chief engineer,s work.
→ Keberhasilan pengoperasian kapal juga
     tergantung atas kecakapan dr KKM bekerja
5. It is important to learn foreign languages particularly English for seaman nowadays
→ Akhir2 ini penting sekali mempelajari bahasa  
     asing terutama  sekali bhs utk pelaut

1.        LNG Carriers
 → Specialist ships designed to carry liquid natural  
      gas only
2.        Middle Watch :
 → Is time duty at 08.00 to 24.00
3.        Ice Breaker :
→ Ship designed for part bow for breaker ice.
4.        Deratisation Certificate:
→ Certificate issued quarantine and healthy  
5.        Turbine :
→ Propulsion power with change energy potential
     to energy kinetic  by steam
6.        Quarter Master :
→ He is a rating ,deck department.
7.        Effective Horsepower :
→ Thermo energy converted to be power shaft.
8.        The Suiz Canal :
→ Direct line from middle east to eropa

I. Join Logical Connective
1.        Tankers usually operated as specialist vessel BUT   Tankers sometimes operate as tramps.
2.        Multi deck vessel have tween decks ALSO  twin deck help stowage.
3.        The crew saved the ship and the cargo.
 II. Join Relative Clauses.
1.Merchant ship carry the cargo AND it may be  
   divided into two basic type : bulk cargo and general cargo
2. An officer may become the master of this own    
    ship BUT he has the right qualifications and   
4.        Ventilators are positioned over the cargo hold FOR air flows through these.
III    Explain.
        1.            COOLER
  Medium for make temperature comedown
        2.            Air Compressor
    Specialize designed for produced air pressure.
        3.            Bulkheads
        4.            Double Bottom tanks
  Part of construction ,the bottom and beside 0f  
      ship for  put some liquid.
        5.            Bulk Cargo.
  Ship designed to carry bulk cargo.
        6.            LINERS
 Ship Voyage continued
        7.            OIL TANKER
 → Specialized designed for carry liquid cargo.
        8.            GENERATOR.
  Construction for produced electric power
        9.            WELDING
  Processing for connect two part of metal.
           Maximum rotation from a diesel engine at
            the ship

  IV. corresponding pairs on the right side
        1.  poor lubrication causes FRICTION.
        2.  breakdown result from LACK OF   
        3.  heat loss leads to A REDUCTION IN
        4.  accident are caused by CARELESSNESS
        5.  instability is the cause of  STRUCTURAL   

V.  make these sentences into passive voice
1.        outside companies usually do the electrical      
      work plumbing and any woodwork
             # the electrical work ,plumbing and any work   
               wood usually do by outside companies
          2. The owner accepted the ship from the builder
              # The ship from the builder accepted by the  
         3. Two men are welding the plate
              # The plate will be welded by them
  VI. Translate into Indonesia
1.        Although the dry bulk cargo stow itself, it is important to maintain the ship stability and to make sure that the cargo not move during the voyage
# walaupun muatan curah kering memuat sendiri, adlh penting memelihara stabilitas kpl dan untuk meyakinkan bahwa muatan tdk akan bergerak selama dlm perjalanan
2.        The diesel engine is a form of internal combustion engine and its power is expressed as brake horsepower (BHP*)
# Mesin diesel adlh format dr mesin pembakaran dalam dan tenaganya dinyatakan dlm satuan tenaga kuda
3.        auxiliary machinery covers everything mechanical on board ship expect the main engines and boiler
# permesinan Bantu menunjang semua permesinan keculi mesin induk dan ketel
4.        a viscosity regulator automatically controls the temperature of the oil fuel leaving the heater to maintain its viscosity within close limits.
# Suatu pengatur kekentalan yg secara otomatis mengendal.ikan temperature dr b bakar minyak yg mininggalkan alat pemanas utk memelihara sifat kekentalannya didalam batas yg dekat.
I. translate the following text into Indonesian!
1.     Whenever one surface moves over another,a forse is set up which resist the movement.this force,which we call friction,always opposes exists in every can be reduced by lubricat6ion but never completely general,the force opposing motion is slightly greater before one surface starts moving over another surface than after movement has started.This slightly grater force is called static friction.the force which must be overcome to keep one surface moving over another is known as sliding friction. static friction is greather than sliding friction.
 Suatu pengatur yg sifatnya merekat secara otomatis mengendalikan temperatur dari bahan bakar minyak yg meninggalkan alat pemanas utk memelihara sifat perekatnya didlm.adapun batas dekat suatu permukaan adalah kekuatan yg lain,kekautan A disediakan pergerakan lapisan pelindung.kekuatan ini disebut friksi.selalu berlawanan dgn gerakan itu.gerakan yg berlawanan itu ada ditiap mesin.peristiwa itu dpt dikurangi oleh pemberian minyak lumas tetapi tdk perna dgn sepenuhnya dipindahkan dlm mengangsur permukaan yg lain dibanding setelah pergerakan itu dimulai.kekuatan yg sedikit lebih besar ini disebut friksi yg statis.kekuatan yg harus digunakan utk memelihara  satu permukaan yg lain.
a.      Friction always occurs when there is movement between surface.
b.     We can remove all sliding friction by lubricating moving surfaces.
c.      To start a body moving requires a greater force than to keep it moving,
d.     Sliding friction opposes motion.
e.      Friction is a force.
a.     Gesekan sering terjadi bilamana gerakan antara dua buah permukaan yg bersinggungan.
b.     kita dpt menghilankan semua gesekan luncur dg  memberi pelumasan pd permukaan tsbt.
c.     untuk memulai pergerakan benda membutuhkan gaya yg baik dibanding pergerakan yg berkelanjutan.
d      gerakan gesekan luncur bolak balik.
e      gesekan adalah suatu gaya.

III.                 Complete pollowing passage
# The chief engineer is HEAD of the engine department .He is ASSIST by second ,THIRD, fourth and ALSO fifth engineer.An electrical officer are storekeeper and PUMPMAN on tankers there is s RATING He is also a petty OFFICER .The engine room ratings are firemen and punpman.
1.     second engineer: it is responsibility for main    engine.
2.     auxiliary  machiner:all machinery on board are supported operational except main engine.                                                
3.     engine governor:part of engine device for  regulated.
4.     emergency  alarm:make a the sound warning to all crew on board for something happen
5.     Helmet:safety equipment for proteck on the head
6. Fresh water:natural water we can drink,clean and other.
7. Piston:engine device moving inside the cyl to suct and compres air for froduced the power.
8. Screw driper:tools equipment  for tight and loose bolt
  9. Air compressor:A machinery to produced air pressure.
10. Engine room:place on board for put all auxiliary  machinari and main engine.

 Whenever one moves another, A Force is set up which resists THE MOVOMENT,This force, which we call friction,always opposes exists in every machine. it can be reduced by lubrication but never completely removed. in general, the force opposing motion is slightly greater before one surface starts moving over another surface than after movement has started. This slightly greater force is called static friction. The force which must be overcome to keep one surface moving over another is know as sliding friction. Static friction is greater than sliding friction.
I.      Bilamana  suatu permukaan bergerak dg permukaan yg lain ada gaya suatu tahanan pda pergesekan tsb.gaya ini biasa disebut dg gesekan,selalu pda gerak berlawanan.kejadian ini selalu terjadi pd setiap permesinan.hal itu dp dikurangi dg pelumasan tetapi tdk sepenuhnya dpdicegah.pd umunya gaya gerak bolak balik agakbaik sebelum pergerakan permukaan dimulai antara yg satu dg yg lain kemudian terjadi pergerakaan pda permukaan yg telah berlanjut.
        Gaya seperti ini biasanya disebut gesekan statis gaya ini harus senantiasa dpt mengatasi gesekan permukaan yg berlebihan seperti yg kita ketehui adalah gesekan meluncur gesekan statis lebih baik pd geswekan meluncur.

 Naskah IX              TRANSLATE
1.   mesin diesel dr sebuah silinder dimana sebuah torak dpt bergerak turun dan naik
-          Diesel engine from a cylinder apiston can make
        of move to go down and to up.
2.        mesin mesin harus dirawat dgn teratur untuk menghindari kerusakan
-.      Engine have to be taken care of consecutively to avoid the damage
3.        pergerakan torak keatas menyebabkan tenaga gas dlm silinder
-.      The movement of piston go up cause the gas pressure in cylinder
4.     katup pengaman dipasang untuk menghindari kecelakaan dan kerusakan serius
-. Safety valve attached to avoid serios damage and accident
5.     kecepatan di kurangi untuk menurunkan beban pd mesin.
-          Speed lessening to degrade the burden of the engine.

1.what would happen if the valve from the fuel
   supply tank was not open = at the time engine start,
   the engine run and a few moment later the engine
2.what would you do if the oil viscosity was too high
    = please check the LO cooler.
3.where would you look if the engine was running
    too fast = look from indicator of engine rotation.
4.what would happen if there was water in the fuel =
    the engine rpm not stabil and the engine will be
1.TRANSFORMER = is rectifier of electrcs current.
2.BOWTHRUSTER = is appliance which is using for
        the maneuvering.of the ship.
3.COOLER = is appliance heat exchanger where its
        medium use the sea water or fresh water.
4.SCREW DRIVER = is instrument for open screw
         or tighten the screw.
5.GOGGLES = is spectacles using at the times of
          welding and grimling atc.
6.GOVERNOR = is appliance of regulator of machine
           rotation,so that remain to stablise at the time of
           fuul rotation
a.Get-poor-parts-with-engine-lubrication-worn-      get.
+.Get poor lubrication get worn with engine part
+.Gas is liquefies when cooled it below a certain temperature.
+.water boiling when point it steam become reaches.
+.Engine internal combution energy comverts on chemicai into mechanical energy      
naskah X

1.    Life boat : Ship carry life boat so that crew will save on board if the ship sink.
2.    Chief engineer : is a head of the engine department, and he is responsible to the master for the day to day running of his department.
3.    Oiler : is a rating who responsibility for lubricating part of engine.
4.    Pump : is a type for transferring of water/oil/ to and from tank.
5.     Passenger : A passenger ship has been designed to carry passengers, but some can also carry small amounts of cargo.

1.     Beberapa engineer sedang memperbaiki mesin induk yg rusak.
# The engineers repairing of main engine is trouble.
2.     Beberapa katup pengaman dipasang untuk mencegah kecelakaan dan bahaya.
#  A few safety valve install for protect accident and dangerous.
3.     Sore ini saya akan turun kapal bersama masinis II
#  This afternoon I will go to shore with 2nd.
4.     ABK biasanya memulai pekerjaannya pada jam 08.00 pagi.
#  The crew usually to begin work at 08.00 AM.
I.Chief engineer : is a head of the engine department, and he is responsible to the master for the day to day running of his department.
1.       Bridge : Center of activity for controlling when the ship sailing, and place of navigation appliance.
2.     Auxiliary machinery : covers everything mechanical on board ship except the ME.
3.     Liquid bulk cargo : special designed to carry liquid bulk cargo.
4.     Hull : Ship side construction for supporting from out side.
5.     Cooler : medium for make temperature come down.
6.     Viscosity regulator : A equipment for control viscosity of oil / lub oil.
7.     Expansion : processing inside the cylinder after combustion stroke.
8.     Reciprocating motion ; Moving piston inside the cylinder from BDC to TDC continued.
9.     Bunker : transferring fuel oil from ship to ship or from station to ship.
     Translate these sentences into good Indonesian
1.        The chief Engine is observing the rotation of the main engine in the engine room.
 → KKM itu sedang memperhatikan putaran mesin induk di dalam kamar mesin
2.        Auxiliary Machinery covers everything mechanical on board ship except the main engines and boilers
→ Permesinan Bantu di atas kapal adalah semua yang menunjang operasional di atas kapal  kecuali mesin induk dan boiler
3.        Effective Horse Power is the power developed by the piston in the cylinder but some of this is lost by friction within the engine.
    → Tenaga efektif mesin di hasilkan oleh piston di
         dalam silinder,tetapi ada tenaga yang hilang
         akibat dari gesekan pada mesin
4.        High pressuresteam is directed into a series of blades or vanes attached to a shaft.
→ Tekanan tinggi dari uap lansung masuk
     menekan sudu turbin untuk memutar poros.
5. A lot of equiqment is duplicated, so that for
     example, one generator can be overhauled   
     without cutting off the supply electricity to the  
     ship new modern cruise ship will be launched
     by the minister tomorrow.                   
      → Banyak peralatan yang menjadi contoh, ceperti
contohnya, sutu generator dapat di bongkar tampa harus mematikan sumber listrik,teknologi kapal pesiar canggih ini akan diluncurkan oleh mentri besok.  

IV.Logical Composition
 29/10/04 – MT Boston –Greek fleg – Durban to Bombai – Crude oil – Mozambique and Mombassa – Indian Ocean – India – 12 dais of voyage – 5 days unloading – 16/11/04 return.
# On oktober the twenty nine 2004, the mt boston under the greek flag leparted from Durban to Bombay , with a cargo of crude oil , she colled oil, she colled at mozambigue and Mombassa ,and than saited straight a cross the Indian ocean to India .her voyage lasted twelve day of voyage, she spent five day un loading the cargo in Bombay and begain her return voyage on sixteen November 2004

1.     Passenger : A passenger ship has been designed to carry passengers, but some can also carry small amounts of cargo.
2.     General cargo ship : this freighter carries cargo in bags, boxes, crates or cargo coming in pieces.
3.     Dry bulk carrier : dry bulk cargo (grain,ore,coal,etc) is unpacked cargo of one commodity.
4.     Tankers : carry liquids in bulk.
5.     VLCC : A very large crude carrier, carries enormous quantities of crude oil.
6.      Containers : are stowed in rows (a beam), bays (fore to after and riers (layers).
7.     RORO : cargo is rolled on and rolled off the vessel by lorries, so no cargo handling equipment is required.

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